Companies Could Gain From Utilizing A Quality Management System

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Michelle Whitehouse Fortunately, the ISO 9001 quality management system features a number ISO 27001 of factors that empower businesses to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction. At its core, the quality management system helps businesses streamline their processes. Youve probably seen the results of inefficient processes at some point in your career. Unhappy customers, missed deadlines, stressed employees and spiralling costs are just some of the problems that poor processes can lead to. ISO 9001 is based on the principle of continual improvement. The standard allows businesses to define what a quality product should be, and how customers needs should be met. It then gives companies the framework to regularly review whether these needs are being met, with the objective of continuous improvement. These more robust processes mean less errors are made, whether by ensuring an employee knows how to handle all situations theyre thrown into, or ensuring a product is made with an appropriate manufacturing process. The result is a better outcome for the customer: a higher level of service and a better product. Increased profits Better business processes dont just improve customer satisfaction, they lead to more revenue and profit too.

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[Quality Management System]

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